Our Story


We are a small passionate team that loves what we do!

We created a collection inspired by the modern woman's lifestyle. High quality clothing that you will feel confident, powerful and badass wearing.

NADA SOLE™️ was created by two friends & industry professionals, Nas & Danielle [NADA], who joined forces to share their passion & vision with the world. A multifunctional lifestyle brand that is Sustainable, Original, Luxurious & Excellent quality [SOLE].


  • All designs are original and hand sketched by Nas & Danielle

Meet the Founders

Minority Female-Founded

Co-founders of NADA SOLE™️⁠ Danielle & Nas first met in 2010 while studying abroad in Florence, Italy enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology's international fashion design program. They remained good friends over the years while they pursued their fashion careers in New York City and Los Angeles.

In 2020 Danielle and Nas found themselves in a position to make some serious life changes. After experiencing toxic work environments, they decided it was time to make a change in the fashion industry and create a company they can be proud of.

Together they created Nada Sole™️ a brand born out of their core values; Sustainable | Original | Luxury | Excellent quality [SOLE]. This brand was made to empower and inspire confidence to overcome any obstacles. The designs in the collection are a combination of Danielle's passion for swimwear and lingerie, and Nas's love of activewear and athleisure.

Created by women for women. High quality apparel made to compliment your body and inspire confidence and power in every woman. Made to fit your lifestyle.